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We are determined to save time, reduce cost and increase revenue in every project we deliver.


We are focused to deliver time saving oriented solutions by integrating ERP systems, RPA - Robot Process Automation, CRMs, Marketplace platforms, electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions, e-commerce solutions and custom developments.


Over 450 ERP integrations with main ERP solution providers: SAP, SAP Business one, SoftOne, Wizrom, WINmentor, GITS, Transart, Ciel and many more.

RPA - Robot Process Automation

We integrate using top RPA solutions to fit Client's requirements and budget. Our consultants saved time from medium ERP to SAP environments in HR, Accounting and Finance.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) full integrations

We operate EDIconnect, with over 1200 customers in the last 5 years and top DYI and Retail projects implemented.

In 2019, we invested 55.000 EUR in HP Enterprise servers Gen9 to add more processing and storage power to our environments.

DMS - Electronic Archive
We invested in 2017-2019 around 633.000 EUR in our own Enterprise level cloud document management solution thanks to EU funds.

Improve company's revenue and profitability by defining and optimizing sales team procedures. Our CRM can be integrated with your ERP and your IT systems. We provide either SaaS CRM or on premise complete custom solutions.

B2B Distribution portals & Marketplaces

Over 60 developments in the B2B distribution portals and marketplaces.

We are different because we innovate

Dantes remained confused and silent by this explanation of the thoughts which had unconsciously been working in his mind, or rather soul.


Without any costs for development of your SAP environment, we can upload invoices received by email directly into your SAP. And not only that!


PDF or Scanned Invoices? Maybe photos of the invoices?

We process, validate and...



... record them into your system with zero errors!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Retailers are increasingly using innovative technologies to offer new ways to shop both online and in-store and provide rewarding careers for employees.

IBM identified the following six ways the retail industry plans on utilizing AI, based on respondents' feedback:

  1. Supply chain planning (85%)
  2. Demand forecasting (85%)
  3. Customer intelligence (79%)
  4. Marketing, advertising and campaign management (75%)
  5. Store operations (73%)
  6. Pricing and promotions (73%)

Robotic Process Automation with EDIconnect

We believe innovation makes us better and shoul be our USP. EDIconnect delivers RPA to both integration or non integration projects:

Fully Automated EDI services - The Connector

Full automation of EDI with ERP silutions can be achieved by the innovative mix of EDI connector, RPA and AI. With zero errors!

Web Based EDI B2B Platform

Do you want every supplier/customer into your EDI project? Easily exchange documents with your suppliers or your customers. With zero errors!

We are able to deliver zero error solutions.

Let's talk use cases, let's talk business.

About DCAventures

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Capital: 45.200 RON (±10.000 EUR)
Incorporated in 2003
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